When to Hire a Home Renovations Contractor (and when not to)

Oakville living room remodel by a home renovations contractor

Let’s discuss your home renovations contractor. Is one even necessary?

There’s an old adage: “If you want something done right, do it yourself.”

When you’re remodeling your home, some better advice might be, “If you want something done right, use a professional contractor.”

Here’s what we mean.

If you’re inspired to change something about your home, whether you should DIY or hire a professional contractor will depend on what that change entails.

For example, if you want to paint your bedroom one of this year’s hottest colours (maybe apricot-orange?), you can do that by hiring a painter or turning the project into a creative weekend exercise.

But what if you want to:

That’s when you move from a DIY renovation to a luxury transformation, and you’ll want to engage a home renovations contractor who knows how to turn your vision into reality.

Benefits of hiring a home renovations contractor

At Reed Signature Interiors, we understand excellence in interior spaces. With years of high-end construction experience, we deliver the highest-quality finished projects in Hamilton, Burlington, Oakville, and across Southwestern Ontario. When you engage us as your general contractor, you realize the following benefits.

You get nothing less than your dream home

Hiring an experienced home renovations contractor means that you get your dream home, not someone else’s interpretation of it. Whether you want a brand-new kitchen equipped with the latest technology or a home theatre with custom seating, we have the creativity to exceed your expectations.

You have a single source for EVERYTHING

A general contractor like Reed Signature Interiors handles everything needed for a successful renovation. Simply tell us what you want, and we take care of all the scheduling, coordinating, and materials. Instead of reaching out to multiple sub-contractors, you relay all of your direction and feedback through us. It streamlines the entire project.

You’re working with experts

At Reed Signature Interiors, we’re experts in custom interiors. Instead of hiring an architect and contracting team to build your new home, you can let us use our experience to manage all aspects of the project. All you have to do is review our progress, give us feedback, and watch your dream home come together.

We design as well as build

You have a good idea of what you want the finished space(s) to look like—now let us produce a plan and design that matches your goal.

We know how to safely make huge transitions. Whether we’re removing a load-bearing wall or adding square footage to the master bedroom, everything will be high-quality and, of course, up to code!

Your new space will be ready more quickly

If you try to manage your renovations, you’ll spend a lot of time researching and managing everything. Instead of progress, you’re facing weeks or months of trial and error.

When you hire a premier interior contractor like Reed Signature Interiors, your project is managed by us, from start to finish. Everyone knows the timeline and there aren’t ‘too many cooks in the kitchen.’ Pun intended.

You will be able to make changes to your design

You’ve spent months designing the perfect bathroom but your partner decides that she wants to make a last-minute change.

No problem! Just let us know and we’ll take care of the details.

You get a green home that’s truly ‘green’

‘Green’ is no longer just a buzzword. We’re a contracting company with experience in green design and we stay on top of the latest eco-friendly building techniques. 

We can build you a living wall, install solar panels and water reclamation systems, and even convert a shipping container into an upscale office space.

Your satisfaction will be guaranteed

The best luxury contractors stand out because they provide the highest customer satisfaction. You can count on Reed Signature Interiors to combine your vision with the finest-quality materials and craftsmanship. We’re an award-winning company for a reason.

Ready for your new home renovations to take shape?

Hiring a general contractor for your luxury renovation is a lot like hiring a wedding planner for your big day. They know what’s expected and how to get the job done correctly. Sure, you could try to manage all the details yourself, but why deal with the hassle and risk the finished space’s quality?

Whether you’re building or remodeling your home, Reed Signature Interiors knows that the journey is as important as the outcome. We keep you in the loop as your vision takes shape, so that the result exceeds expectations. It’s a promise we live by. 

If you’ve got ideas for your custom interior, we want to hear them- and make them happen. To meet with our award-winning team, call (289) 442-0044 or request a quote here.

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